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ok Up and running
ok Up and running
ok Up and running

Last incident: 09 Jun 2021 17:03 UTC

Past Incidents

Heroku outage

09 Jun 2021 17:03 UTC

A Heroku outage in their EU region has caused our homepage to become unavailable. Users can still log in via Other systems are unaffected.

Partial outage

Affected Systems: Dashboard

Checkout, email and messages outage

27 May 2021 18:41 UTC

Currently investigating the server issue that caused the outage and an incident report will follow.

Major outage

Affected Systems: Checkout

Degraded performance

16 Apr 2021 15:31 UTC

Issue: Heavy server loads are causing degraded peformance on some of our systems. This is happening roughly once an hour. We have taken steps to ease the load and are looking into ways of preventing this happening again.

16 Apr 2021 18:20 UTC

We are still experiencing heavy load spikes and are looking at ways to minimise the impact.

17 Apr 2021 01:20 UTC

We’ve reduced the load on our systems and performance is looking a lot better. We will continue to monitor the situation over the weekend.


Affected Systems: Dashboard, Checkout, API

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